Granny Boots & Chaos Socks

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(Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Insect print Granny boots and Chaos socks, Topshop velvet leggings)

There is something satisfying about wearing socks and tall boots, don’t you think?

It is a look I have been favouring of late, the flash of sock offers an interesting detail. I had on a black jumper dress, so it also broke up the black. Is anyone else bored of this weather yet? I find it hard to be sartorially inspired when all the weather calls for is snow boots and layers upon layers, no pretty shoes in sight. Next week London Fashion Weeks kicks off and I can’t help but wonder how it will be affecting the street style.Will everyone be wearing wellies if it snows or 5″ heels regardless? Will we see any outfits or just heavy coats? Or will the sun come out for us, I certainly hope so, even if it is just a peep and the bonus of a few more degrees! It was cold last February, but not even close to being as cold as it is this year. I spent a lot of it clutching free cups of coffee just for the warmth. As for me I will be coming prepared, however getting five different pairs of boots and five different coats into a case I can carry is quite another story – heaven forbid I rewear at LFW. This fashion malarky can be hard work.

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