My Vivienne Westwood Shoe Collection

Top: fuchsia suede boots with rosette, Bag boots tan, Bag boots black, Bondage boots black, Bondage boots yellow, Pirate boots brown, Sack boots brown, Sack boots black.
Upper Mid: Mary Jane red, Mary Jane black, Low 3-strap black, Low 3-strap silver, T-bar silver, Piped Court silver, Piped Court brown, Roman 3-strap yellow.
Lower Mid: Sack boots grey, Argyle Peep toe, Crackle gold t-bars,Animal Toe Mule red, Animal Toe Court black suede, Tracy Trainer beige leather, Tracy Trainer beige canvas multi striped.
Bottom: Bow slingbacks black, Tartan Gille, Melissa Lady Dragon Heart black, Melissa Lady Dragon Heart red, Melissa Lady Dragon Cherry white, T-bar beige, Temptation black.

You all knew I was obsessed, but did you ever realise just how much? Thought it would be nice to have a light hearted post after yesterdays, but thank you all immensely for your comments. So here is my entire Vivienne Westwood shoe collection. The odd pair have come and gone. But this is what I have amassed over ten years. Quite ridiculous isn’t it, but as Carrie Bradshaw says I like my money where I can see it, in my closet!

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